Monday, April 12, 2010

Organizing the week

Is it really Monday again? I can't believe time goes so fast. It's a snowy morning here...perfect for staying in, making some lists and feeling a sense of accomplishment from ticking things off it. I am working on switching the boys clothes over from winter to spring and I actually will have a post about organizing kids clothes in the next little while.

I'm working on some other projects as well...Album kits for a group of ladies who want to start Faithbooking and new Page Paks for Sharing Memories Scrapbooking (I have new papers and goodies I can't wait to use in some new page paks!). And I am trying to get items sorted for a big Garage Sale in May prior to the move (and getting lots of tips and inspiration from Money Saving Mom's Clear the Clutter Challenge. I think I am going to have a purge party for my girlfriends when I have it all sorted...I have TONNES of candles and goodies from my days as a PartyLite consultant!

It's all good.

It's also... here's the meal plan for this week:

Monday: Jambalaya ( I use Zatarains Jambalaya mix and add chicken, ham, sausage or shrimp - whatever I have on hand) with Veggies and Dip

Tuesday: Porcupine Balls with Rice and Mixed Vegetables

Wednesday: my poor little Sammy will be having minor surgery today, so food will be the last thing on my mind. It will probably be leftovers, especially from last night as the meatball recipe makes lots!

Thursday: Fish Sticks and Oven Fries, Veggies and Dip

Friday: Resuming Pizza's been a few weeks since we've done a homemade pizza!

Saturday: Grilled Steaks (hot dogs for the boys since they won't eat steak), Baked Potatos, Asparagus and Caesar Salad

Sunday: Chicken and Stuffing Bake, Mashed Potatos, Steamed Veggies

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We're Back!

And what a lovely little break we had!

It was so nice to have a good visit with Shane's family, eat in restaraunts (no cooking and no dishes!), play and read with the boys without having distractions of house and home, swim in the pool and soak in the Hot Tub and generally relax and go with the flow.

On Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny paid us a visit (don't know how he found our hotel room, but he dropped off a couple of baskets with fun and yummy treats!)

We didn't have an Easter egg hunt since we were in the hotel, but the weather wouldn't cooperate anyways. (I am so envious of folks who can have outdoor egg hunts in shorts and spring dresses!)
The boys got dressed in their finest and I of course wanted a great brothers-in-matching clothes picture. Yeah...not so much...

First Grayson was "helping" Sam stay still, then I jsut couldn't get them to look at me at the same time. Oh well...

We had a great dinner (lunch) at Shane's aunt's house

and got to visit with Great Granny, Grandpa and other aunts, uncles and cousins.

As much as Shane and I enjoy visiting, swim time was always the highlight of each day for the boys! Grayson can stand up in the shallow end of the pool and Sam is fearless in the water. Both boys were leaping of the edge after a matter of minutes.

I was so pleased to have time to read my new book and catch up on podcasts for my Library of Memories class. (I am excited and reenergized to get back to my system to continue to categorize photos and make some new layouts. Stacy Julian is brilliant!)

Now it's back to laundry, cooking, cleaning and organizing. I have some big tasks ahead of mein the next few weeks...renting out our Dalhousie house, hiring a nanny for August and starting to get ready for our June move. It's a good thing I DID have a break!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why I Relish Road Trips

We're heading out on the road tomorrow to visit Shane's family for Easter. Not everyone loves driving for six hours, but I do.

I LOVE road trips.

I love those six hours it takes us to drive to see Shane's family.

I can actually sit quietly and do NOTHING.

I am not obligated to fold laundry, clean my house or run after the kids.

I do hand juice boxes and books back to the boys and occasionally change the CD, but that's about it!
It's a lovely time to read, sit and think, take a catnap, listen to some music, or chat with hubby. It's something I really look forward to.

We head out to see the in-laws twice a year - Thanksgiving and Easter. Over the past few years I have come up with a few things that help us have a good trip.

1) Re-usable packing list. I keep it on my computer, update it with anything new/different, print it out and I'm ready to pack.

2) Food. For our road trip I always pack some bunwiches, juice boxes and water bottles, portable fruit like bananas & apples, baked treats like banana chocolate chip muffins and cookies, munchies like trail mix or pretzels, and a few candies or treat size chocolate bars that come in useful as bribes in the car! If the weather is good we stop for a picnic lunch at a rest stop about 2.5 hours into the journey. It lets the kids run off some steam. If the weather is crappy we simply eat in the car. I always bring lots of wet-ones and paper towels for those inevitable spills!

2) Travel toys. Grayson is allowed to take whatever toys/books he wants that fit into his backpack and I pack a selection toys/books for Sam.  I also try to bring a few new dollar store items to bring out when the boredom hits.

3) Comfort items. Grayson and Sam both bring a stuffed animal and a cozy blanket so they can rest a little bit more comfortably. Grayson doesn't nap at home anymore, but he will inevitably fall asleep in the car!

4) Music. We don't have a DVD player in the car but we listen to a variety of kids and grownup music, as well as books on tape. A change in music can change the atmosphere in the car.

5) Just for me. I usually pack a book I have been meaning to read, a magazine to flip through and my computer. I have been known to sort digital photos and digi-scrap in the car for sure! I also bring along earphones so I can listen to music when the boys are sleeping or listening to something different.

Those little things make a big difference in getting ready for, and having, a nice journey. And for more specific tips for traveling with kids, check out this post.

Whether or not you are traveling this weekend, have a safe and Happy Easter!