Monday, January 21, 2008

New Year - New Style

I mentioned in my previous post that I have some goals for my scrapbooking business this year. I also have some goals for my personal scrapbooking:

1) To do something scrapbook related everyday - this may be doing actual layouts, sorting photos, journaling or reading some magazines, books or blogs, but the main thing is I am keeping my focus on scrapbooking in the forefront of my mind!

2) To streamline and simpify my scrapbooking in order to become more prolific - in other words - to do MORE!!! This includes using kits, templates or sketches and speed tools to complete pages. I also am starting to organize my photos along with papers and embellishments into PAGE KITS using a large zip-loc bag, so that everything I need for a layout is all together. When I do have a few minutes I can easily put together the layout. I also plan on using my NEW CRICUT DIE CUTTER that I got for Christmas from my hubbie to easily create titles and embellishments that work with the products I am more searching for just the right color of letter sticker etc., now I can MAKE what I need! Love it! I will continue to use a lot of Creative Memories products such a album kits and Power Palettes that have everything already coordinated for me.

3) To learn and do more digital scrapbooking. This makes sense since I use digital photos! I am starting by creating a photobook using CM StoryBook Creator (free download at, creating digital pages using CM's newest software Storybook Creator Plus and Adobe Photshop Elements. I also downloaded an invaluable free e-book from that answers a lot of start-up questions. (here are two things I found don't need a 12x12 printer to digitally scrapbook and Costco will print 12x18 pages for only $2.99 (CAN$)!)

4) To scrapbook the everyday moments and not just special occasions. To express how I feel and not just what was happening in the photos. To make my scrapbooking more personal and authentic.

So...keeping these goals in mind, I created a quick layout based on some of the simple templates I have been seeing online and in it is (wow my first layout posting!)

Playground Fun, by Noreen Smith. 12 x 12 double layout. bo bunny and Creative Memories Paper, Cricut ZooBalloo Font cartridge.

My husband, son and I were simply playing at a local park. The brief journaling focuses on how big and brave my little guy is getting, and is handwritten. I used Bo Bunny and Creative Memories papers and my Cricut ZooBalloo cartridge for the title and heart embellishments. It was a simple layout to creat and took about 20 minutes all together. I am pleased with the look. I have to admit that over the past few years I have cultivated or relied upon a very "CM style" of scrapping...using only plain white backgrounds with colored borders, matted photos and a "sticker sneeze" to finish it off! So, I am really liking using more patterned paper and filling more space in a clean manner. I do not personally like the trend of placing only one photo on a layout...I have way too many photos to include in my album (there are 6 photos in this layout!) So, I have found a lot of great multi-photo layouts that I will be trying out over the next little while, and I will continue to be brave enough to post them!

I'd love to hear any comments from you!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

About Sharing

I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking about scrapbooking the past couple of months...but I have to admit I haven't done a lot of actual scrapbooking. You see, we are in the midst of of a whole basement re-development which will hopefully be done within two or three more weeks. Right now our garage and spare room (not to mention the hallway, living room, closets and dining room!) are full of stuff that will eventually have a home in the basement. AND...all my scrapbooking gear will also have a home there! I am so excited to finally have all my beloved tools and supplies in ONE place! It has been in boxes all over the place and it hasn't been easy to get to it or use it. I will have plenty of storage, as well as work/workshop space. I picked up a new book by Simple Scrapbooks contributor Wendy Smedley called the Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker, and I tell you - after reading it I am planning on being organized AND inspired! It has fantastic ideas, beautiful inspiration rooms pics and best of all a workbook with exercises to go through to really help you zero in on what will work for you, your scrapbooking style and your space. Great read!

I also picked up Rebecca Cooper's (another Simple Scrapbooks contibutor) book Real. Life. Scrapbooking. which has really made me think about WHY and WHAT I scrapbook. Rebecca is a mother of three living in small town Alberta (nice to see a great book by a Canadian, eh?) who stretches her supplies, scraps after her kids go to bed and uses templates or sketches for multiple lady! Lots of great layout ideas as well as heartfelt commentary.

I have often thought about what I could contribute to others within this huge scrapbooking industry and I have come to the conclusion that I am best at SHARING (so now you know why I named my blogwhat I did! :)) Being a teacher, sharing must come natural to me...I WANT to share - knowledge, skill, ideas etc. I don't want to keep it all to myself. I think that's why I enjoy being a Creative Memories Consultant...I can share my passsion with like minded people and help them preserve and share their memories.

SO...I am ready to expand my scrapbooking business from "just" being a CM Consulant! I am ready to share on a much larger platform! These are some of my goals and aims for my scrapbooking:

1) To have my layouts and/or articles published in a scrapbooking industry publication

2) To increase the number of scrapbooking events I plan to allow scrappers the time, space and place to complete their albums (classes, workshops, retreats, all day crops, special events and seminars)

3) To reach and teach more people in different environments - seniors, children, patrons of scrapbooking/craft stores, churches, continuing education

4) To share my talent for design and scrapbooking by offering to complete albums for others - traditional and digital

Wow...actually putting those goals into writing is a bit scary! But, I am committed and will be working consistently towards these goals. I hope to share my progress here, as well as using it as a place to "share" all my other ideas with all of you! Wish me luck? I certainly wish you luck!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why a blog? Why not!

Hi everyone! I am really looking forward to starting this blog and communicating with like minded people...people who value their family, their history, their memories. We all have a story to tell and I love to read those stories. I normally find interesting blogs through links from other websites/blogs, and I enjoy getting to know the bloggers, their interests and especially their scrapbook work and styles.

So what's my story? Well, I look forward to sharing that in posts to come!

I'll start by saying that I am wife to Shane, mom to Grayson (3 years) and another little boy on the way (due in June!) I am an only child, and my parents live very close to us. I would have to say that family is the most important thing in my life.

Presently I work as a Vice-Principal at an urban K-9 school, but once I have our second child I hope to take a few years off to be with our kids (I have been a teacher, consultant and adminstrator for over 15 years, but I think my biggest career challenge will be being a full time mom! LOL)

My teaching background was in the Fine and Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Humanities. When I taught visual art, I was always involved in creative endeavours. Once I went into administration, I didn't have that daily luxury. So, when I was introduced to scrapbooking at a friends' home party, I immediatley loved it for being able to preserve my families history and memories, as well as being a wonderful creative pursuit.

I decided to become a Creative Memories Consultant, and have loved that I have been able to use my teaching skills and my visual art to help so many others embrace scrapbooking. I have done lots of classes, workshops, and retreats for ladies who don't know where to start - whether it is organizing and sorting their photos, or actually getting their photos into an album!

I am ready now to both simplify and streamline my scrapbooking as well as take my my passion for scrapbooking to the next level and share it with a wider audience...hence this blog! I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you!